Screw machining

Micro-parts providing speed, high precision and specialized finishes.

A Swiss screw machine is a type of automatic lathe with multiple tool holders arranged radially about the spindle, and a tailstock coaxial to it. It is designed for rapid production of small, high precision parts.


Screw Machine (“décolletage”) was developed in Switzerland by watchmakers who were looking for the most precise cutting tool. The Swiss Screw Machine works by mounting the component to be manufactured on a rotary slide, which then turns allowing the Screw Machine to cut the implement to the desired specification.

This machine allows :

  • Micrometer adjustment on the tool holders.
  • Massive construction, short tool throws and high rigidity
  • High precision output
  • Very short cycle times.

Screw machines have many benefits, the most important being its extreme precision. In most cases, other CNC machines will not accommodate micro-sized pieces. In addition to its precise cuts, our screw machines can perform several different operations at once, which can significantly expedite the machining process.

These components, essentially of small dimensions, are machined from bar stock (or billets) and separated by cutting on machine tools called automatic lathes or screw machines. They may involve not only turning and threading operations but also additional machining sequences such as slitting, drilling, boring, milling, cutting, tapping, etc. Automatic lathes for turning, also known as “screw machines” or “décolleteuse” in French,  are controlled by cam systems or numerical controls.

Second operation


We are fully equipped for the following second operations :

  • color coding (code couleur)
  • partial annealing (recuit partiel)
  • slot (fente)
  • pressing (pressage)
color coding

Color Coding

color coding

Partial annealing

color coding


color coding



Watch industry has been present for more than 40 years in Isérables. DSMI electronics SA opened a watchmaking department when the neighbour watch factory closed in 2005.

Features and Benefits

Thanks to the partnership with a company from La Chaux-de-Fonds, we were able to train people in bevelling with a bench grinder and manual bevelling. Since the beginning of 2007, we have had an active workshop in this area and continue to train staff. We have no difficulty recruiting staff. They are very motivated and ready to commit to the long term.

Our Advantages

The know-how of DSMI electronics SA in the management, work procedures and rigor of the electronic world.

The manual skill, commitment, professionalism and love of a job well done by people from the swiss mountains.

Staff attached to their company and eager to develop this watchmaking activity.

We are specialized in




decoration n.
Embellishment, ornament. There has been a considerable development in the decoration of watch-cases. In old watches, engraving and chasing predominated. Mechanical polishing and finishing processes are used in modern watches, e.g. stippling, graining, snailing, etc.The decoration of men’s watch-cases is usually simple, while ladies’ wristwatches and jewel-watches are more suitable for varied forms of decoration, obtained by engraving, chasing, enamelling, plating with various metals, setting with jewels, inlaying with precious metals, etc.The decoration of dials is obtained by various polishing and finishing processes, the forming of more or less broad strokes or circles, metal-plating in various colours, the use of relief chapters, etc. The illustrations show some forms of decoration used in watchmaking, with their names.

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